My drug of choice

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”  
―     Antoine de Saint-ExupéryThe Little Prince

Submit (Songs of Submission, #3) - C.D. Reiss I wish I had a Jonathan to SUBMIT...
Tease (Songs of Submission, #2) - C.D. Reiss Love this book a good TEASE...
Shooting Scars - Karina Halle Great book, plot and characters, but this book will always be fixated on my mind, because when I think of Xavier, I imagine this...



Beg (Songs of Submission, # 1) - C.D. Reiss Short but strong!

Going for the next because...BEG left me begging for more!

The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher I feel like...

Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning 4 HOT STEAMY Stars

What girl doesn’t love a dirty, sexy rock star right?

Brian is awesome, sexy, funny, hot ...

This book is ....

The story was captivating and I could barely put it down. I LOVE these guys. The whole group.

Perfection (Neighbor from Hell #2) - R.L. Mathewson Ok!!!

I´m in love with the Bradford man! <3<3<br/>
This book is like the first one,beautiful and funny,like a romantic comedy.

This book was hilarious,cute read that had me giggling often, so it was hard to be bothered.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to laugh as they read a wonderful romance!
Playing for Keeps (Neighbor from Hell #1) - R.L. Mathewson
I LOVED this book. It's cute, lovely, sexy, panty-melting, heart-warming, laugh-out-loud with hilarious characters.

My Jason…
photo tumblr_m7tfpz7W3y1rxfgauo1_500_zps0d13aad4.gif

I can't wait for the second book!!!
A HUGE must-read.
Ethan, Who Loved Carter - Ryan Loveless 60

The STORY is deeply emotional. It’s a love story between two people with disabilities!

This is totally different from anything I've read before because of the characters involved, each in is special way. But I don´t regret reading it, It´s amazing and my heart melted for this coupe!


Left me smiling after finishing it. Beautiful!
The Redemption of Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorensen 60

Well this story was beautiful, emotional and touching!

They're truly a beautiful couple together. Despite all the bad things, they're strong and their imperfections make them characters we can connect.


In my oppinion the book showed me in an awesome writing, how they heal each other, trough love!


Another thing : I would love to do the forty-six wish on Callie list.;D , if you know what I mean!!! :))))))))
More Than Make-Believe - Tymber Dalton OMG, this book made me feel happy and so unbelievably hot at the same time!

I never expected to find so much romance in the story, but Tymber Dalton stroked my heart as well as Gary stroked Marston's . . . you know what. :) and did it so well!!!

Through them we are given a heartfelt love. The story ending just blew me away with its simple romance.
Overall, I really enjoyed and would read more from this author.
The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz
The Original Sinners, is one of the best series I have ever read…


The Original Sinners series seduce me, fucked with my head, and made me fall in love with a sadist priest, and a masoquist King.

The series has already set the bar so high! So I expected the book to be AWESOME! But it had some flaws! I´m not going to explore because of spoilers, but overall the narration was brilliantly and powerful writen!

The characters I loved (Soren, Kingsley, Nora), I still loved by the end, my heart was happy and full of the kinkiest LOVE!

The end felt more like to be continued. I have to admit being a bit disappointed. I feel this book has left me at the peak of that unknown territory that will be... The Priest!

BRAVO!!!! Tiffany Reisz

Take It Off - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov ** 4 Bloody hell stars **


Talk about hot, this is the sexiest lape dance I ever read ...!

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OMG! Need a cold shower!!
Sins & Needles - Karina Halle
“I hate you, Ellie Watt,” he whispered, lips coming closer to mine, “Because I still love you after all these years.”

It was quite refreshing to read this book! It was heart breaking, steamy, unpredictable and romantic!

I love how all of this jumping around tells the story!

I always love a story with bad boys, but in this one, well… Ellie’s a bad girl, and I´m eager to know well JAVIER, love a misterious men!lol

I will read all the series because I need to know what happens, Thank you Karina Halle.
Quid Pro Quo - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt photo tumblr_m7643zoqHY1qb6t6wo1_500_zps1dac73c1.gif

Talk about sex frustration!!
Tristan and Jared were amazing!

I want more! I NEED more!!!

On Every Street  - Karina Halle Well...I´m describing in images my feelings, reading this book!!


Don´t think so...

Javier and Eden...


And I want to do this...

The ending...